A place for sharing of ideas and knowledge about IT certifications

What this page is about:

This web page started out as an idea of mine to create content about things that I learn in my career that I can share with others freely. Some certifications that I am interested in creating content for include: Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA), Security+, Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104), Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert (AZ-305), and various asides about quantum technologies.

Ultimately this page is about the democratization of technology. Not only will making my own content about the subjects I study about help me to learn the information, but will be available to anyone who stumbles upon my site. While in the military I discovered that one of the best ways to learn something was to teach it. It forces you to take it seriously, and ensures that the content that you are teaching is correct. The more you teach something, the more deeply you will understand it yourself.

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